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OK, I have NOT been good about this exercise/diet thing. We've been eating more meals at home but I haven't been to the gym since the first week of the year, I haven't really been doing the "at least 1 fruit/veggie per day thing" (although I have been eating more of those). I think what's tripping me up is I'm completely addicted to (I know this sounds COMPLETELY stupid) Bob's Sweet Stripes. I don't know what it is about it, but it is like crack to me. And it's sugar with a little bit of peppermint oil in it and I know it's loaded with calories. And when I'm not eating them, I'm thinking about getting more!!! It is absolutely crazy. I couldn't go to yoga last Monday, but I'm definitely going this monday. Maybe I can make up for my recent laziness by playing Dance Dance Revolution (which I really like... it even has a workout mode!) tonight while my DH is out raiding the Dead Mines (or whatever the hell he does) Wonder if I should get that exercise game for PS2 (you need eyetoy to use it, tho).


I am still trying to get back into the mode of working out at least three times per week. For most of last year, I was working out for half an hour to an hour every other day. When I started my new job in September, I dropped down to just twice a week, and during the holiday season, I dropped to a pitiful once per week. I gained four pounds over the holidays and am determined to take them right back off. I'm back up to two workouts per week, and I'm shooting for three next week.

February 2007

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