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Feb. 6th, 2007

running around


Naked without my pedometer

Yesterday I forgot to take my pedometer to work. When I noticed I didn't have it, I wasn't sure if I had lost it or forgotten it. Either way, I felt naked without it, and spent a good bit of time (walking, naturally) trying to find it.

I didn't let my lack of pedometer keep me from taking a walk yesterday. I just entered approximate numbers in my tracking spreadsheet based on my fairly consistent pace and total elapsed time.

I guess it's a good sign I felt naked w/out my pedometer, eh?

Jan. 31st, 2007



Well... progress, I guess

(Cross posted from my own journal.)

It seems I've made some progress, but looking at the numbers (even w/ a 5-day averaging filter applied to each point), it's hard to say how much. Take a look behind the cut to see what I mean.

Clicky here for shiny graphCollapse )

See what I mean? My weight has basically treaded water, but it looks like my body fat's going in the right direction. I'm hoping and thinking that that's an artifact of all the additional walking I'm doing. That is, my weight-loss due to fat is offset by gaining muscle. The numbers certainly suggest that. w00t!

Edit: I updated the graph to include the unsmoothed data so you can see why I smooth it.

Jan. 30th, 2007

running around


Closing in on 3 weeks

Well, I've been walking almost 3 weeks now. Today I marked off 8.5 miles according to the pedometer. According to my spreadsheet, I'm still averaging just over 4 miles/day. I think prior to this emphasis, I was averaging a mile or less. Yes, my life is really that sedentary when I telecommute.

This year, I quit the telecommuting and added the walking. I'm burning an average of ~550 kcal/day walking at my current rate. That's 1lb a week, if you believe the 3500 cal/lb number. So far, so good.

My actual weight numbers haven't moved really at all. My %age body fat, as reported by the scales, has. I'm hoping it's due to the exercise triggering the ol' muscles. I'm hoping by the end of February to see some actual weight results.

Jan. 22nd, 2007

running around


Walking, walking, walking.

So far, since getting my pedometer, I seem to be averaging 4 miles a day. Looking at my non-walking-day distances, this is an increase of about 3 miles. My average kcal burned due to walking is just over 500, an increase of over 400. (Most of my new miles are "aerobic" by the rules of the pedometer, and therefore burn more calories I presume.)

Putting this in perspective, that's about 3-4 beers. Instead of having a few beers a day (average), I'm walking a few beers off a day. Seems like a good trade to make.

Jan. 19th, 2007

simpsonized me



OK, I have NOT been good about this exercise/diet thing. We've been eating more meals at home but I haven't been to the gym since the first week of the year, I haven't really been doing the "at least 1 fruit/veggie per day thing" (although I have been eating more of those). I think what's tripping me up is I'm completely addicted to (I know this sounds COMPLETELY stupid) Bob's Sweet Stripes. I don't know what it is about it, but it is like crack to me. And it's sugar with a little bit of peppermint oil in it and I know it's loaded with calories. And when I'm not eating them, I'm thinking about getting more!!! It is absolutely crazy. I couldn't go to yoga last Monday, but I'm definitely going this monday. Maybe I can make up for my recent laziness by playing Dance Dance Revolution (which I really like... it even has a workout mode!) tonight while my DH is out raiding the Dead Mines (or whatever the hell he does) Wonder if I should get that exercise game for PS2 (you need eyetoy to use it, tho).

Jan. 17th, 2007

running around


Day 7 (yesterday)

Well, my weight hasn't moved beyond the margin of error (unsurprising), but I'm thinking the pedometer was a good motivator. Yesterday, I clocked 12,879 steps, which for my programmed stride is about 7.5 miles. I burned a whopping 1026 kcal, if this thing's to be believed. That's a 6 pack of beer right there! ;-)

I was having trouble before with the walking, and I figured out what it was: I was just walking way too damn fast. On my initial day, I clocked about 110 steps/min and had a little burn but was fine. On those next couple days that my "legs gave out," I have no idea how fast I was walking. I thought I was going the same rate, but I wasn't. I decided to "slow it down a bit," and when I clocked the new, slow rate, I was going.... 110 steps/min.

Yesterday's long walk was closer to 100 steps/min, though, and my legs never even hinted at a burn. At 110 steps/min there'd be a slight burn after 10 minutes and I was ready to be done at 20. At 100 I was able to walk for 70 minutes straight. I guess it's like speeding vs. fuel economy. Fuel economy drops non-linearly as you go faster as your car works quadratically harder to go fast.

Jan. 9th, 2007



Day 0.

My fancy schmancy scale and pedometer arrived today. Tomorrow morning I start tracking my weight progress. I set up a spreadsheet to track my weight and % body fat, as well as my progress towards my target weight and target % body fat. My targets are 185 and 17%. I won't tell you where I'm starting from though, just my progress as a relative measure. :-)

Wish me luck!

Jan. 5th, 2007

flirty dot


I've been good this week

Monday: New Year's Day. Much laying around and eating crap. Okay, wasn't good that day.

Tuesday: Went back to gym. I belong to the local YMCA. Pleasantly surprised that they had all brand new machines that are all connected to the Fitlinx (it's a system that keeps track of your workouts, and the fitness people can send you messages and stuff)... it was annoying because only about half their machines were connected before and you had to go back to the walk-up computer, try to remember the # of minutes of your workout, mileage, etc., and enter it all manually, and I have a memory like a goldfish. Anyway... they also all have TVs and book racks. I did about 20 minutes on the treadmill then made the mistake of trying the stair stepper. I set it for 15 minutes and I thought I was going to die about 5 minutes in. I had to set it to about level 3 and then stayed on the machine for 18 minutes. Not too bad for my first time back since October. I also had a fruit today. (Made a goal for myself to eat at least 1 fresh fruit or veggie per day). Also, although we had Burger King for dinner, I had a salad.

Wednesday: Had a salad for lunch. DIdn't go to the gym because the cat was sick.

Thursday: Did cross-trainer for 35 minutes and the recumbent bike for about 10 minutes while watching "Ugly Betty" (not a bad show, by the way, although it somewhat reminded me of "The Devil Wears Prada"). Had green beans and an orange at lunch. Had fast food dinner again, but I had a salad. Cognizant of the fact that we need to eat more meals at home.

Friday: That's today. Will update with developments as they happen.

Jan. 2nd, 2007

simpsonized me


Welcome post

Hi, I've made this community for people I know to have a place to talk about how to be healthier, and talk about their progress in a non-threatening environment. Hopefully people in this community can talk about their personal experiences and learn from each other. Whether your goal is to drink more water every day, incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet, be able to fit into a dress for a special occasion, or just be able to walk around the block without getting winded, hopefully we can be there for you.